Road Trip to Rhode Island

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pumping gas on my own unlike jersey haha

Selfie together!

We had some yummy food!!

Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich =)

My mini cooper S that I recently bought :)

We took a road trip to Newport in Rhode Island on the weekend. It was pretty cold that day but lucky it was sunny.  We were able to take some good photos.  Too bad I forgot my DSLR :(  So these photos were taken with my cellphone. 

We had fun sightseeing and enjoying the water view despite the wind.   I wore a nude color sweater with a brown peplum skirt from Charlotte Russe.  One-inch heel boot from Guess.  Pea coat from H&M.


  1. So beautiful as always. I love the bw photo of you with the horse. James is a pretty good photographer :) Miss you my friend!